Picture of blackberry in winter frost

What to plant during winter An avid gardener or someone that likes to dabble, you may be thinking to yourself What to plant during winter, if anything at all?! Most of us have pulled out our tarpaulin and covered our garden furniture, we’ve tucked up that lawnmower in the shed and we’re ready for nature … Read more

Picture of Car on drive with weed mat

How to Stop Weeds In Gravel How to stop weeds in gravel. It’s a common sight seeing weeds in gravel driveways. If you’ve not laid a good, weed control fabric foundation or just don’t keep on top of removing those weeds that have planted themselves in the gravel, it’s not long before there’s more weeds … Read more

Picture of a Weed

How to Kill Weeds A big part of maintaining and building any garden is controlling weeds and weed growth. Weeds can strangle and smother plants, others can just make your garden look untidy and in some cases unsafe. We not only need to know how to kill weeds but how to manage them. Here are … Read more