Pro-Tec Garden Products

Pro-Tec Garden Products supply a large range of gardening products at affordable prices.
Here you’ll find the best in Landscaping fabric and Weed control membrane. Heavy duty strong tarpaulin. Gloves for gardening, warehousing or dirty jobs.

Landscape Fabric & Weed Control Membrane

The easy way to keep your garden free from weeds couldn’t be easier. Pro-Tec weed mat can be laid down while landscaping. Used under raised flower beds, under gravel driveways or garden paths.
Pro-Tec’s weed control membrane can also be used in your greenhouse or polytunnel.
Also, use under decking for a weed free existance.
NEW Extra Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric NOW IN STOCK
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Privacy Screen Netting

Pro-Tec’s Privacy Screen Netting is the perfect combination of privacy screen and shade netting. Suitable for gardens, fences, balcony’s and even animal runs and cages.
Made from 100% virgin HDPE material, you’re guaranteed long life without fading. Featuring eyelets, breathable and weather resistant.
Available in black, green and brown.
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Heavy duty tarpaulin from Pro-Tec’s “Naturals Range”.
Our tarps are heavy duty, U.V treated, waterproof and available in a selection of selected colours. Big enough to cover small garden furniture, shed roofs, firewood, cars, boats…. you name it.
Used by professionals and for at home use. Check out our range now!
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Wire Mesh & Netting

Galvanized, heat treated wire netting ideal for many tasks such as fencing, protecting plants and trees, crop protection and keeping your chickens or pets (rabbits etc) safe.
Delivered in easy to use wire mesh rolls.
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