Tarpaulin Sheet | Heavy Duty Tarp

Tarpaulin Sheet and heavy duty tarpaulin from Pro-Tec Garden Products®.
We can provide tarpaulin from 200gsm to SUPER heavy duty 600gsm PVC tarpaulins. The tarpaulin sheet options we have on offer vary in styles, colour and what jobs they can be used for. White tarp, clear tarp and pvc tarps are just some of out options.

As we are the manufacturer of these Pro-Tec Garden Products® tarps, we have tailored the design to ensure the best quality tarpaulins direct to you.

Due to our large variations in tarpaulin for sale we’ll be able to provide a tarp for almost any use. From building, farming, garden use, covering garden furniture, emergency shelter, camping or keeping those much beloved cars and motorcycles dry and safe in the wetter months. You can be sure our waterproof , rot proof tarpaulin will do the job just right.
We are tarpaulin supplier to farms, builders, landscapers, professional tradesmen as well as supplying to the general public.

Pro-Tec Garden Products® tarpaulin covers are available in colours unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere. We’ve selected modern greens, silvers, blacks and whites in our ranges. Heavy duty, heat sealed PVC, tear resistant, anti rot material, toughened corners and eyelets…and weatherproof!

Please note: Tarpaulins above 1.8m width will have a heat sealed join, this does not affect its waterproof ability or its quality.