Turn Over a New Leaf in Your Outdoor Oasis!

As the days grow shorter and the air crisps up, it’s time to bid adieu to the lazy days of summer and embrace the vibrant hues of autumn. While you may be mourning the end of beach trips and BBQs, there’s something truly magical about the fall season – especially in your garden. Join us as we embark on a fun-filled adventure to tidy up your garden and get it ready for autumn!

  1. Falling for Foliage: Rake it Up!
    • Start with the basics – grab your trusty rake and start collecting fallen leaves. Pull out the tarpaulin, lay it on the ground raking your leaves into the tarp. Then simply fold the tarp and tip into your garden waste or compost heap. .
  2. Mums the Word: Add a Splash of Color
    • Discover the power of chrysanthemums, the unsung heroes of autumn gardens.
  3. Trimming for Triumph: Pruning and Weeding
    • Get your gardening shears ready and embark on a mission to prune and weed.
      This season, trim back any dead or diseased branches from trees and shrubs to prevent the spread of illness and allow for new growth in the spring. Prune back perennials that have finished blooming to tidy up the garden beds and encourage strong regrowth next year.
      Bonus tip, don’t forget to trim back unruly vine!.
  4. Fall-ow the Rules: Planting for Autumn
    • Believe it or not, autumn is an excellent time to plant certain bulbs and perennials.
      Some of our faves: Broad beans, Crocus, Chard and carrots!
  5. Compost Your Way to Garden Gold
    • Discover the art of composting! With more puring, cutting and even more chances to eat root vegetables, turn your cuttings and scraps into nutrient-rich soil for your garden. It’s eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and garden-friendly!
  6. Get Cozy with Garden Decor
    • Who says you can’t have a little fun while tidying up? An autumn garden party shoult definitely be on the cards. Bonfires, warm cider and soups while taking in that fresh autumn air!
  7. Harvest Your Own Garden Delights
    • If you’re growing fruits and veggies, autumn is the time to reap what you’ve sown.
    • Grab the last of those apples and look into some handy storing tips!
    • Grab the last of the tomatoes before the frosts set in. 
    • Carrots and beetroot should be full ready to pull.
    • If you’ve decided to grow a pumpkin this could be a great time to harvest. To either cook or used as Halloween decorations.
  8. Light Up Your Nights: DIY Garden Lighting
    • As the days grow shorter, illuminate your garden with DIY lighting ideas that will make your outdoor space shine even after the sun sets.
  9. Wildlife Welcome: Create a Haven for Autumn Visitors
    • Discover how to attract fascinating wildlife like birds, butterflies, and even hedgehogs to your garden. It’s a delightful way to connect with nature.

Autumn garden tidying doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. As you bid farewell to summer and welcome the golden hues of fall, your garden can become a stunning outdoor oasis that’s both beautiful and functional. So, grab your gardening gloves and embark on this fun-filled journey to prepare your garden for the magical season ahead!