Gravel Driveway – What type of gravel to use

Gravel Driveway

Gravel DrivewayWhen it comes to planning a driveway, a gravel driveway is probably one of the most popular. Gravel driveways are the cheaper options when it comes to choosing driveway material. Asphalt, concrete and paving slabs/bricks can work out expensive and with an ever changing climate (certainly in England) maintaining these options can be hard work.
Though a gravel driveway is the most cost effective option, it will require sweeping every-so-often.
Some people find maintaining a weed free gravel driveway time consuming. However, if you lay a good foundation of weed control fabric or weed control membrane and a granular base this will save a lot of time in the future, eliminating many weed issues.

What type of gravel to use?

Ideally you need to select a gravel that is angular. With angular gravel it will not displace when driven on. This is why avoiding gravel such as pea gravel is a must, it’s smooth and round shape will easily produce dips.

14mm to 20mm sized gravel that features granite, flint or basalt is the most popular choice. The size and the material’s hard wearing nature will ensure the gravel will stand the test of time.

Gravel Driveway Depth

Gravel Driveway LayersGetting the depth right is always a bit tricky. Too shallow and you’ll see the weed control membrane underneath. Too deep and you’ll sink, as well as your car making for an untidy driveway with dips everywhere.
Other things to take into consideration is how compacted your ground is. If the ground is compact you may not need too deeper granular base.
Generally a 150mm Type 1 granular base with around 2inch depth of gravel. The gravel is only the decoration technically. So ensuring it lays on a good solid base is really the key for a secure gravel driveway.

Stopping Weeds In Gravel

It can be a real pain sometimes, keeping up with the weeding in your Gravel Driveway if you’ve not laid a good base or membrane. Take a look at our article from last year on how to stop weeds in your gravel driveway.