Uses For Tarpaulin

Uses For Tarpaulin – Tarpaulin has many incredible uses. Our Pro-Tec Tarpaulin is no different, heavy duty, waterproof and rot proof…there are so many fantastic uses for these tarps, we thought we’d list a few.

The following uses for Pro-Tec Tarpaulin have been compiled by our own staff.

1. Fire Wood Dry

Picture Tarp Covering FirewoodThere’s nothing better when it’s cold outside, making an open fire or lighting the wood burner. Keeping nice and toasty when the icy rain is hammering against the window.
However, storing fire wood may cause issues for some. Especially at the start of the season.
If like me you get your wood delivered, finding a place to keep the wood dry isn’t always
BUT the best solution I’ve found is tightly packing the wood in a pile. Then using a 200gsm tarpaulin i cover the wood, pining it down.
The wood keeps dry, it’s outside and perfect for those cracking fires.


2. Transportation

Picture of Trailer TarpaulinIf you have a trailer or pick up truck you may not have a cover but may want to transport some building materials or something that you don’t want getting wet.
You may also need to keep something out of direct sun light and it’s damaging U.V rays
Using Pro-Tec tarpaulin has you covered. It’s an easy solution to keeping an open trailer or pick up truck tail dry and protected.
Tarpaulin’s not only are waterproof but are U.V treated to provide U.V protection to materials or stuff underneath.
Our tarps also feature eyelets to make attaching to trailers or pick up trucks a doddle.

3. Camping

Tent TarpaulinWe LOVE camping. Being one with nature, cooking over fire, away from technology.. it’s perfect… as long as it doesn’t rain.
In my experience when a tent says “Waterproof”, it doesn’t always mean waterproof. Water always finds a way to get in and before you know it you have wet socks and you’re shivering in your sleeping bag wishing you were watching cat videos on YouTube, at home with the heating on…
Well, with proper precautions you can have a dry tent even with it’s raining.

Simply use a piece of tarpaulin as a shelter. Using bungees or rope tie the tarp to some trees above your tent. Alternatively drape and peg down the tarp over your tent for an added later of waterproof protection.

4. Building / Construction

Tarpauling for Building SiteWhen it comes to building projects be it small or large, having the use of a tarpaulin will always come in handy.
From covering bricks or materials keeping them dry and protected to placing on unfinished roofs or brickwork from the elements.
Tough 270gm tarpaulin is more than man enough for the job.

5. Farming / Agriculture

Green Tarpaulin StretchingWe have many farming businesses currently using Pro-Tec Tarpaulin.
Having tarpaulin easily accessible in the farm is usually very helpful.

Livestock – Tarpaulin can provide shelter from the sun/rain for many livestock animals.
Protection – There’s usually something that may need protection from the elements from maybe animal feed to hay bales. Having tarps at hand makes life a lot easier.

6. Cars / Motorcycles

If you have a classic car or motorcycle that you use seasonally then keeping these protected during in-active months is a must.
Covering these with a tarpaulin will protect them from dust and scratches.

7. Fruit Catching

Maybe a bit of a random one. But if like some of us you have Apple trees or fruit trees in or near your garden, getting apples before they drop and rot is something to think about.
We like the “shake and hope for the best” action. However, this can end in fruit bouncing about all over the place and before you know it you’ve covered your garden in plums!

Pull out a tarp and place it under the tree, or get some folks to hold it. Shake the tree and the majority of fruit will get caught in the tarpaulin. PLUS you’ll catch most of the leaves and dead branches and can be plonked into a garden waste bin or compost heap.