What to Plant In Autumn

What to Plant In AutumnWhat to plant in Autumn usually crosses my mind when things start getting a little chilly in the garden. The kids are back at school, the BBQ is back in the shed and the garden may start slipping to the back of our mind.
But don’t let the change in weather let your garden suffer. There’s always things that can be planted ready for some great winter harvests especially in the UK!

With vegetable growing into the colder months your garden doesn’t have to become neglected.
Not only will this keep your garden healthy, but you too!

Vegetables that grow in Winter (Outside).

Picture of OnionsGrowing Onions
Planting onions in Autumn is the best way to go for a healthy harvest. Onions are tough little blighters and practically look after themselves during the winter months. Planting them now you’ll have an abundance through winter through until summer.
Lots of Onion varieties available and not forgetting Shallots!

Growing Garlic
Another easy autumn planting. Same as onions, garlic has a long growing season… but unfortunately won’t be ready until the summer for harvest.

Growing Spring Onions
Hardy winter vegetable which perfectly goes with salads or soups. Planting in Autumn will mean an early Spring harvest.

Growing Broad Beans
Sow broad beans in autumn for a spring harvest . A quick growing autumn break bean comes in the form of “Aquadulce Claudia” which has no issue with a quick establishment.

Growing Peas
Autumn sowing of some peas will ensure a harvest next spring. Varieties such as “Kelvedon Wonder” or “Meteor” are particularly good ones to go for.

Growing Asparagus
Asparagus can become a permanent fixture in your garden (if you have the space). After an asparagus bed has established you could continue harvesting the plant for around 25 years.
Varieties such as “Pacific 2000” and “Pacific Purple” are perfect to plant during this time.
You will need to be patient however, as after first planting it won’t be ready for around two years.

Vegetables in the greenhouse.

Growing Carrots
If you fancy an early crop of carrots give “Adelaide” a shot. Fast growing variety could be ready by spring.

Pak Choi
We love a bit of Pak Choi in our house. During the winter you’re able to use the leaves for salads. After a while once matured the stems can also be used in stir fires.
Sow in late summer, keep covered through autumn.