Gardening with Kids during Summer Holidays

Gardening with kids during summer holidays… Hey, don’t laugh! It might seem like an impossible task in today’s day an age. With so many “indoor based trends” it could be a battle to get the kids out, let alone garden!

In my personal experience it’s a short uphill struggle to get the kids involved in the garden. Short uphill struggle as most of the time when they’re out, they’re having fun. Especially with these few tips on how to get kids gardening this summer holiday.

  1. Create a plot just for your kids.
    Gardening with Kids during Summer HolidaysLet your child have their own patch of garden. They can plant what they want, grow and harvest what they want, when they want (with guidance obviously).
    You’ll be amazed at the excitement and interest they’ll take when its “their own”.
    TIP: Lay some weed control fabric to minimize the rise and hassle of weeds!
  2. Quick result flowers, fruits and veg.
    Many of these you may have to start earlier than the summer holidays. But planting things that grow quick or fruit quick will keep the kids interested in the garden.
    During the summer you should have a healthy crop such as Strawberries. Having your child harvest these and reap the rewards will encourage them to plant other fruit and veg.
    Maybe pumpkins ready for Halloween?
  3. Sunflowers.
    See our article on growing Sunflowers here.
    Get for the younger ones as sunflowers grow quick. They’re also easy to look after and inexpensive.
    Have friends and family get involved for a Sunflower growing competition.
  4. Pond Life.
    Invest in a pond in your garden. Pop some fish in there and some interesting plants. But after a little while other pond life with start taking an interest. Frogspawn, tadpoles, frogs as well as countless pond insects.
    Lots for children to look at and learn from.
  5. Interesting indoor plants.
    I know this is to encourage the kids outside. But when those days when it’s not great outside “gardening” doesn’t have to stop.
    Look into interesting plants such as a Venus flytrap or cacti.
  6. Bees.
    Educate your kids on how important bees are to ones garden and the world!
    Try making a “bee hotel” to attract more bees into your garden.
    Just stuff straw into empty pipes or fill a plant pot with pine cones.
    If you’re not a “bug” person or you’re kids aren’t, just remember; Bugs attract birds to your garden. Ladybirds eat greenfly.
  7. Money.
    If all else fails, bribe your kids. Money in exchange for weeding, cutting the grass, dead-heading.