Uses For Tarpaulin Uses For Tarpaulin – Tarpaulin has many incredible uses. Our Pro-Tec Tarpaulin is no different, heavy duty, waterproof and rot proof…there are so many fantastic uses for these tarps, we thought we’d list a few. The following uses for Pro-Tec Tarpaulin have been compiled by our own staff. 1. Fire Wood Dry … Read more

Picture of Gravel Driveway

Gravel Driveway – What type of gravel to use Gravel Driveway When it comes to planning a driveway, a gravel driveway is probably one of the most popular. Gravel driveways are the cheaper options when it comes to choosing driveway material. Asphalt, concrete and paving slabs/bricks can work out expensive and with an ever changing … Read more

Picture of Pumpkins

How To Grow A Pumpkin How To Grow A Pumpkin. Autumn is in the air and Halloween is just round the corner. Pumpkins are starting to make appearances in shops, be they fake or real.. you can’t turn without spotting pumpkins. It’s times like this I think, I WISH I’d planted a pumpkin this year. … Read more

What to plant in Autumn

What to Plant In Autumn What to plant in Autumn usually crosses my mind when things start getting a little chilly in the garden. The kids are back at school, the BBQ is back in the shed and the garden may start slipping to the back of our mind. But don’t let the change in … Read more

Gardening with Kids during Summer Hols

Gardening with Kids during Summer Holidays Gardening with kids during summer holidays… Hey, don’t laugh! It might seem like an impossible task in today’s day an age. With so many “indoor based trends” it could be a battle to get the kids out, let alone garden! In my personal experience it’s a short uphill struggle … Read more

What to plant in july

What to plant in July? What to plant in July? I know sunning yourself and enjoying BBQs may be at the top of list when you thinking to sunshine and gardens. But as ever, you can make the most of your garden at this time of year. Here’s a few tips on What To plant … Read more

How To Grow Sunflowers

How To Grow Sunflowers In April, May and June is the perfect time to plant Sunflowers. Not only will there be no frost (hopefully) but it’s great to get the kids involved.  Our quick guide on how to grow sunflowers will show you they  are easy to grow and show relatively quick results, meaning the … Read more

picture of What to plant in your garden in may

What To Plant In Your Garden In May Your guide to What to Plant In Your Garden In May: planting flowers, planting vegetable and jobs to do. What to plant in your garden in May. The clocks have changed and it’s staying lighter, later. The risk of frost has passed (though this is the UK, … Read more

Picture of gardening meme

Why Do Weeds Grow So Fast? Why do weeds grow so fast? I think most people must ask themselves that question.You work hard to grow plants, flowers can take weeks to grow, then weeds seem to be able to appear overnight, with little to no effort! It’s time to face facts. They may be annoying … Read more