Due to the lockdown, this Easter break will be a tough one keeping the kids entertained. Here’s a few garden based activities to keep their minds active, just for a moment anyway.


A great thing about spring is that many interesting wild flowers sprout up. A fun way of preserving these is squashing them inside a heavy book.

– Find some thick white paper (e.g watercolour paper) or thin card and place some flowers between two sheets.

– Place inside or put under of a heavy book. Then place a bunch more books on top. Heavier the better.

– Leave the stack of books for at least a couple of weeks.

– Open GENTLY without trying to disrupt the paper too much.

– If the flowers are dry and paper feeling to the touch, they’re done! Use them for countless art projects!


There are a bunch flowers that can be sown during April that will be ready for summer.

– Sunflowers

– Cosmos

– Poppies

– Nasturtiums

– Marigolds

– Sweet Peas

– Most wild flower mixes. Great for attracting Bees and Butterflies!

Most have large seeds so they’re not easily lost when planting in pots or in the dirt.


It’s a great way to not only get the kids interested in the garden, but for them to eat more veg! During this time, you want to be growing some hardy veg.

– Beetroot

– Lettuce

– Carrots

– Broad beans

– Radish

– Turnips

– Spring onions


Easy for little hands to plant and can be planted in the ground or in pots. Check out our blog on growing potatoes here: GROW YOUR OWN POTATOES.