Sides for a Pergola | Waterproof & Clear You’ve spent lots of money on a glorious pergola and then the rain hits, “I wish I had sides for a pergola!” you mumble to yourself… We’ve seen sides for a pergola online and they either block out light or just aren’t waterproof. If you want to … Read more

Chicken Bird Flu safety

New Rules for Keeping Chickens New rules for keeping chickens and other birds due to a recent avian influenza (aka Bird Flu) with come into effect from 14th December 2020. These new measures have been enforced by the chief veterinary offers in England, Scotland and wales. The new rules to help poultry and other captive … Read more

How to Become a Landscape Gardener – 8 helpful tips How to Become a Landscape Gardener. Being self-employed and doing the thing you love is possibly the greatest feeling in the world. However, when it comes to gardening professionally not only it is a cut-throat business, but you must have a solid plan before you … Read more

Due to the lockdown, this Easter break will be a tough one keeping the kids entertained. Here’s a few garden based activities to keep their minds active, just for a moment anyway. PRESSED FLOWERS A great thing about spring is that many interesting wild flowers sprout up. A fun way of preserving these is squashing … Read more

Gardening During Lockdown While we spend most of our free time in our own back gardens, balconies and courtyards it’s a great time to get to work. Not just FINALLY getting to do those jobs we’ve always wanted to do, but to keep our minds occupied during these trying times. Spring is springing with (mostly) … Read more

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What is tarpaulin? What is tarpaulin…. There are 100s of uses for tarpaulin. But to start, what is tarpaulin made from? What is tarpaulin made from? There are many types of tarpaulin available on that market today. Made from different materials to provide different jobs and protection. Canvas Jute / Hessian Silnylon Mesh Cotton-Poly Polypropylene … Read more

Picture of How To Store Firewood

How To Store Firewood There’s nothing better than an open fire or wood burner in ones home when it’s cold and miserable outside. How to store your firewood may be thinking about, or how to store your firewood the correct way. 1. Seasoning Firewood Seasoning firewood essentially means drying the wood out. Correctly seasoned firewood … Read more