Gardening During Lockdown.

Gardening During Lockdown While we spend most of our free time in our own back gardens, balconies and courtyards it’s a great time to get to work. Not just FINALLY getting to do those jobs we’ve always wanted to do, but to keep our minds occupied during these trying times. Spring is springing with (mostly) … Read more

How To Grow Pears

How to grow Pears Christmas is over, we seem to only get about 4 hours of ok weather and you’ve just finished that last box of shortbread from Auntie Babs! Time to hitch up those britches and get some use out of those new gardening gloves. What better way on getting started with our guide … Read more

Uses for Tarpaulin

Uses For Tarpaulin Uses For Tarpaulin – Tarpaulin has many incredible uses. Our Pro-Tec Tarpaulin is no different, heavy duty, waterproof and rot proof…there are so many fantastic uses for these tarps, we thought we’d list a few. The following uses for Pro-Tec Tarpaulin have been compiled by our own staff. 1. Fire Wood Dry … Read more