Why Do Weeds Grow So Fast?

Picture of Cartoon WeedWhy do weeds grow so fast? I think most people must ask themselves that question.
You work hard to grow plants, flowers that take can take weeks to grow, then weeds seem to be able to appear overnight, with little to no effort!

It’s time to face facts. Those they may be annoying little blighters, weeds are a plant. Garden weeds are in fact clever little devils. The reason they grow so quickly is because they adapt to any condition or generally the condition (location on this planet) they live in.
If your garden is boggy or dry as a bone you’ll still get weeds as they’re able to survive with whatever situation is thrown at them.

You’ll find that weeds grow fast as many have a quick cycle. Their whole job is to sprout up and spread, so ensuring a new version of itself is created sooner the better is a must.
So, if you think about it, weeds are pretty fantastic! Hard as nails and pretty much able to grow in any condition.┬á However, it doesn’t mean we still want them in our garden.

Stop Fast Growing Weeds Naturally

It can be hard keeping on top of garden weeds, especially when those fast growing ones. So you must act quicker or even before the garden weeds have a chance to start.

  • Use the old fashioned pull out technique. Some weeds are tougher than others, but grabbing them by the root is a sure fired way they won’t come back.
  • Drowning them in BOILING water will shrivel the root of even the toughest weeds.
  • A good landscaping fabric with smother then underground weeds and airborne weeds.
  • Outnumber the weeks. Plant as much as you can! Planting thick dense plants will ensure the weeds come up from the ground a shaded by other plants. Meaning they can’t get enough sunshine or water. In turn they’ll die.
  • Eat them! You can in fact eat many weeds (Dandelions, Dock, Chicory). There are many books and recipes online on making the most out of those weeds in your garden.