How to Kill Weeds

A big part of maintaining and building any garden is controlling weeds and weed growth. Weeds can strangle and smother plants, others can just make your garden look untidy and in some cases unsafe. We not only need to know how to kill weeds but how to manage them.
Here are a few tips from us at Pro-Tec Garden Products on keeping those pesky weeds under control.

1. Using Weed Killer (Herbicide)

Picture of a weed killerThe use of harmful chemicals is usually the ‘go to’ when attempting to get rid of weeds.
Spraying or treating the ground with chemicals to kill the weeds seems to be the easiest solution. However, many chemicals will only kill the weed above the ground not being able to reach and destroy the root.
If you’re using chemicals in your garden a lot, not only could this be harmful to the ground / soil over time, but you! If your body accidently comes in to contact with some weed killing chemicals on the market today you could find symptoms such as: eye irritation, blurred vision, skin rashes, burning or itchy skin, nausea, sore throat and difficulty breathing, headache, lethargy, nose bleeds and dizziness.
Ensure that when using chemicals in your garden you know the risks and you wear protective clothing, face mask and suitable gloves.

2. Using Weed Control Fabric

Picture of Weed Control FabricWhen planning any garden / landscaping task ensure you lay down landscape fabric or weed control membrane first. Stop weeds even getting a chance to sprout or embed in the ground. Using a layer of weed control fabric beneath: paving, rockeries, driveways, flower beds or even inside a green house/polytunnel, will stop weeds making an appearance, without the use of chemicals. Using a layer of this membrane ensures weeds can’t sprout or embed themselves in the ground and start growing.
Due to the weed control membrane’s woven construction if you’re using it in flower beds nutrients and water is still able to penetrate your plants.

3. Killing weeds Naturally

Picture of weedsDon’t disturb the soil! Many weed seeds are already in your soil waiting to sprout at any time, waiting for the right about of sunshine to enable them to germinate.
Leaving weeds seeds deep below the ground they could remain dormant for many years. So the less you disturb the soil the less likely weeds will make an appearance.
Avoid using high powered cultivation machinery and go easy on doing it by hand and remember to sow your seeds above the ground in a layer of fresh soil, mounts of compost or even shredded leaves. Another natural way is to plant your plants close together giving less space for weed seeds to grow.

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Available weed control fabrics

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