What to plant during winter

winterflowersAn avid gardener or someone that likes to dabble, you may be thinking to yourself What to plant during winter, if anything at all?!
Most of us have pulled out our tarpaulin and covered our garden furniture, we’ve tucked up that lawnmower in the shed and we’re ready for nature to turn our beloved gardens into a swampy / frosty wonderland.
Why not look into planting some vegetables during the winter months. Many vegetables that thrive in the winter are easy to look after and the rewards are obviously awesomely tasty!
We’ve picked out some easy vegetables to maintain either outside or in a polytunnel. Our personal choice is inside a polytunnel with a layer of heavy duty weed control membrane / landscape fabric.

1. Growing Garlic

Picture of GarlicProbably one of the easiest crops to grow during the winter months.
Garlic needs very little attention and only the occasional watering. Especially if you’re planting outside, it makes it even easier as the rain will do most of the watering for you.
Set your bulbs out around four inches apart in a depth of about 2.5inches.


2.How to Grow Leeks

Picture of Leeks in a potYou’re best to purchase Nursery started Leeks as these are inexpensive and easier to plant.
Leaks can grow and be harvested throughout the year plus are usually unaffected by the colder months.


3. Growing Peas

Picture of Winter Garden PeasPlant Poke Shelling Peas or Sugar Snap Peas around November to February and you’ll have an abundance of peas ready to harvest by Spring.
Peas love rich soil, they also need something tall to climb and wind around (something like a cane pole would suffice).
Please be aware that if you are planting peas outside, birds LOVE them. So you’ll need to cover them with something that lets rain and sunshine through, a wire mesh / chicken wire or grow them in a polytunnel or greenhouse.

4. How to grow Swiss Chard

Picture of Winter Garden Swiss ChardSwiss chard is a perfect shock of colour in ones garden. Pink, yellow and red stalks really light up your flower beds.
It’s also very easy to grow all year round from the seed.
Keep it cool in some rich soil and you’ll be able to harvest throughout most of the year.


Bonus Winter Garden Tips

Picture of weed control membrane in a polytunnelWe grow a lot of things in a Polytunnel. Here are a few tips for Polytunnel Maintenance during winter.

1. Ventilate as much as you can.
2. Clear out and now dead summer plants and crops. Leaving these could cause pests to attract.
3. Harvest winter crops.
4. Prepare your soil for early spring planting.
5. Lay fresh landscape fabric ready for fresh plants.