57 Litre Storage Box (x4)


Brand new Heavy Duty Industrial Storage Boxes from Pro-Tec. The best stackable strong totes available on the market today. Made from industrial strength plastic and boasting strong “crocodile” tessellating hinged lids, these boxes are perfect for a multitude of secure storage solutions. An innovative design where boxes can be stacked with the lids closed or nested when empty, this means tidy, space saving benefits. Our plastic storage boxes feature secure handles for easy movement as well as various moulded areas for labels. Strong, durable, secure hinges and cool orange and grey design.

Perfect for storing children’s toys, books and games. Storage for tools, gardening equipment or documents. Storing a Christmas Tree and Christmas ornaments. Use these strong boxes in your attic, garden shed or greenhouse. These can also be used for transporting valuable or delicate items. Pro-Tec storage totes also feature holes for adding a padlock, ensuring the tessellating lids stay locked and closed. Great for either chemicals or private items.

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57 Litre Storage Boxes

  • External Size: (L) 600mm x (W) 400mm x (H) 310mm
  • Internal size: (L) 527mm x (W) 351mm x (H) 290mm
  • 57 Litres (per box)
  • Pack of 4
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Load: 35 kg each – 175 kg stacked
  • Colour: Orange / Dark grey
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Industrial grade strength
  • Tessellating Lid
  • Stackable and Nestable
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