3m Weed Control Landscape Fabric


Weed Control without the use of harsh chemicals. Pro-Tec Weed Control Membrane can be used for all kinds of Landscaping projects around the garden. Ideal Long Term Weed Prevention for under Driveways, Garden Paths, under Paving, Greenhouse flooring, Patios, Flowerbeds, Poly-tunnels, Shed Bases, under Decking, Raised Gardens, Rockeries.

UP TO 40 YEARS LIFE SPAN when used with a mulch. Pro-Tec Heavy Duty Weed Control Membrane with UV Protection for Long Life Protecting your garden, helping keep it Weed Free.



Pro-Tec Weed Control Membrane

Heavy duty 100gsm Woven Weed Control Fabric

Heavy enough to be used by professional landscapers to DIY gardeners.

U.V Protection

UV stabilized for long life and protection, keeping the ground weed free without the use of harsh chemicals.


Heavy duty fabric but easy to cut to allow easy placement. The fabric also features lines which makes planting straight simple!


While the weed membrane suppresses the weeds, the plants you’ve cut through still need water and nutrients. Due to the membrane’s woven construction it allows water and nutrients to pass through, feeding the plants that you want to grow.

UP TO 40 YEARS LIFE SPAN (When used with Mulch)

To maximise the life of your weed control fabric we would always advise using a suitable mulch 75mm deep


Our heavy weight weed control fabric cuts out the sun light eliminating all weed growth.


Picture of heavy duty label Diagram of water soaking in to soil Picture of sunshine
Easy cutting Picture of a weed

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3m x 10m, 3m x 25m, 3m x 50m, 3m x 100m, 3m x 15m, 3m x 30m, 3m x 60m, 3m x 90m